One aspect of standup everyone seems to have an opinion on
is, when can one refer to oneself as a comic?
I’ve heard all sorts of answers:

After 100 gigs

After 500 gigs

After 5 years

After the first paying gig

Only when comedy pays the bills

And so on and so on.
Not surprisingly, it’s those with the most experience that usually have
the toughest criteria to fill.

Jerry Seinfeld wrote that one is a comic after the first
performance, since the audience doesn’t care if it’s one’s first gig or 1000th
gig. I like the spirit of that belief,
but a) to do your first gig and then go backstage and say to everyone “Now I’m
a comic!” is not a good way to make friends; and b) since all of my heroes are
comics, I have a hard time applying that title on just anyone. Especially myself.

I’ve got three years and over 400 gigs in several countries
under my belt, but I am a rookie comic.
I’ll be a rookie comic until I’m not.
I don’t have a clearer answer to this question either.