One thing I’m pretty happy about is that I got into the habit of going to the gym five days a week. If I’d known as a teenager that my arms would blow up if I just exercised on a regular basis, I would’ve held a dumbbell more often than a Nintendo gamepad. The other day, though, as I started my routine, I could tell I just wasn’t feeling it. My energy wasn’t there, a headache was threatening. I knew there was no point in forcing myself through it, so I called it early and headed home. You have no idea how bizarre it is, for me, to feel disappointed by leaving a gym early.

Another thing I’m happy about is that I got into the habit of updating this blog once a week. While I have no idea how many people read it, I’ve often been pleasantly surprised by someone telling me that they do. It’s been a solid run for quite awhile, but I’ve felt a bit off in the past month or so. After a few weeks off, I started an entry about being a humble narcissist, but gave up on it halfway in, dissatisfied. A week later, started an entry about my recent gig in Norway, but gave up halfway, again.

For whatever reason, I just haven’t been feeling it, and I don’t see an upside in forcing it. Maybe it’s the lovely weather, the lack of nicotine, or my decision to play Dark Souls 3 for the 1000th time (hey man, at least I’m playing as a Pyromancer for the first time, and not as yet another STR/DEX tank). So I’m going to take a little break, enjoy my summer, note any potential blog topics as they come to me, and get back on the horse in the Fall.

I won’t be entirely unproductive, however. Two years ago, I taught myself how to produce a podcast, and did a limited series called Deus Ex Comedian, interviewing comics who had quit or at least quit the grind. I haven’t done anything with it since, but I just started recording a second season, with a new theme. It means having to re-learn everything I learned two years ago, but it’s a fun challenge, so stay tuned for that!